Innovative techniques for digital production of construction stone walls. The case of “ Trullo Sovrano” in Alberobello.

Giovanni Mongiello, Riccardo Tavolare, Ornella Chimienti


The case study test the digital modeling of the “Trullo Sovrano” in Alberobello, by new techniques for 3D modelling. The graphic rendering of the “spoke architecture” of complex structures, such as those of the trulli, presents considerable difficulties in large part due to the particular shape of the surface coverage, composed of hundreds of “chiancarelle”.
To do this, we have experienced technology of Digital Sculpting, which has allowed the implementation of polygonal meshes simulative the performance and shape of the stone materials. This approach also allowed a pipeline much more faithful to the process of cutting the stone, using a “manual” control like the chisel of the “mastrotrullaro”.


digital sculpting; conical roof; trullo; 3d modeling

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