Web-based analytical tools to support decision-making in the context of tactical street design

Nicolas Palominos, Hrishikesh Ballal


As cities continue to grow and new urban mobility practices emerge, the design of streets often no longer fit with the citizens’ demand of high quality public spaces. The temporary closure of a main street in Santiago de Chile was taken as an opportunity to rethink the way it operated and propose a tactical intervention. With the support of web-based analytical tools a team of urban designers was able to expand their understanding of the magnitude and impact of the problem, which facilitated the design process. This paper presents the application of two web-based analytical tools used in online meeting with different participants separated geographically. The outcome suggests that co-creation in urban design can be improved with modern web-based platforms that allow sophisticated analysis and inform early stage design of experimental interventions of streets.


geodesign; street design; tactical urbanism


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