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Time and space. The drawing of the space in motion.

Rosario Marrocco, Gerardo Maria Cennamo


The culture and nature of the contemporary world allows people and space to transform and “be reborn”. Every day, every moment, the person changes. Even space is constantly changing, moving over time and changing. Networks, technologies, virtuality, allow continuous and infinite visions, different in size and content. Space is represented through a succession of different realities that no longer depend on the classic notion of Time. In this way the space is defi ned in that representation that multiplies its image, preserving its identity and aura. Dynamism passes from the purely abstract and symbolic season of literary and pictorial movements to a visible physicality and real concreteness, becoming an expression of the identity of space. Thus, while the narrative plots become a necessary language to be investigated, the cinematographic sequences of cinematographic genre take on a relevance that goes far beyond mere representation, responding to the need to read and see all the possible realities. The moving image broadens the vision of physical space because the senses also perceive the characteristics and aesthetic and functional qualities that space is able to assume and transform over time. Every single frame detects and documents the actions of space and time. This work is a study on the design of space in movement through the notions of time and space. Here are presented some researches carried out on the representation of the space in motion, with the aim of investigating the possibilities of representing the space perceived and experienced by man. Every single frame detects and documents the actions of space and time that determine the mutations and transformations of the urban landscape.


Time; Space; Movement; Representation in motion

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