Using UAV for the digital, documentation, monitoring of culture architectural heritage: a case study of Sisheng ancestral hall, Shenzhen, China

Guiye Lin, Andrea Giordano, Luigi Stendardo, Lu Xu, Xiaochun Yang


Architectural heritage preservation and dissemination are an important and interesting field in Cultural Heritage. However, for the surveying, mapping and monitoring of architectural heritage, traditional survey methods cost a lot, take much time, and easily cause secondary damage to ancient architectural heritage. Due to the high efficient of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which may be a smart solution for safe and fast data collection, Taking the Sisheng ancestral hall as a case study, this paper obtains a high-precision point cloud data model and creates an HBIM model through UAV data, which provides a workable solution for the digital protection and the monitoring of architectural heritage. The collected data is processed not only to provide reference data support for cultural relics protection, but also as a reference for long-term heritage monitoring.



UAV; Digital documentation; Monitoring; Digital protection; HBIM

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