Generation of a digital archive of heritage, with drones in rural areas

Marta Quintilla-Castán, Luis Agustín-Hernández


The enhancement of heritage, both cultural and natural, must be considered as a resource for revitalizing the territory. In this context, Aragon has a great landscape and cultural heritage that is scattered throughout the territory and is not very accessible. It needs to be properly documented and inventoried as a means of activating new processes of knowledge, enhancement and use of rural development. This work is devoted to the creation of the Digital 3D Inventory of the Aragonese Mudejar Architectural Heritage, which includes buildings that currently have little graphic and imprecise documentation, since many of them are located in small towns of less than 500 inhabitants, with urban fabric of narrow streets. To carry out the registration, the use of drones to capture images and later the construction of the point cloud with photogrammetry, it is an adequate technical and economically sustainable solution since it deals with populations plagued by depopulation and with few resources. A generalized methodology is proposed to collect, store and disseminate 2D/3D geometric and geospatial documentation of inventoried buildings, providing more graphic information than traditional architectural inventories. As a novelty, for the dissemination of information, the creation of a web platform composed of a cartographic viewer (WebGIS) and a point cloud manager based on WebGL technology is proposed as a valuable tool to relate buildings with their environment, characteristic of great importance in the case of heritage located in rural areas.



Architectural heritage; Heritage inventory; WebGIS; WebGL; Rural areas

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