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Virtual reconstruction of decontextualized heritage the case of the Cathedral of Girona

Carles Pamies, Albert Sanchez, Isidro Navarro


Advances in photogrammetric surveys and immersive visualization through Virtual Reality (VR) have brought about a revolution in all areas of architectural representation. Architectural heritage has not escaped this revolution, since these techniques make possible the recovery of heritage elements that are currently missing or decontextualized, which otherwise would not be possible to contemplate. This article develops a paradigmatic case in this field such as the recovery of the Gothic choir of the Cathedral of Girona, completely dismantled and partially preserved in different locations of the Spanish geography. Based on previous work of recontextualization of similar environments carried out by the authors (Sánchez Riera et al., 2022a), this paper describes the construction of a virtual and hyperrealistic immersive model of the missing ensemble and its original context. The geometric and luminic integration of both models is shown in a self-developed application and different scenes built by means of its use are exemplified. The proposal allows the interactive visualization of the complex by switching between its current and original states. The possibility of consulting additional information on certain singular elements, now disappeared or decontextualized, in the very location for which they were originally conceived, aims to promote their study and dissemination. It will also make it possible to establish hypotheses about their original design, use and configuration, ultimately promoting the conservation of architectural heritage that would otherwise remain forgotten



Photogrammetry, gothic art, virtual reality, cultural heritage

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