B.I.M. for representing historical building heritage.

Enrico Cicalò


In this paper, it is discussed the application of B.I.M (Building Information Modelling) techno- logies on the survey and on the representation of the decorations in the façades of late Liberty and Art Deco buildings, built in Sardinian cities. The decorative languages analysed spread in one of the most marginal regions with some delay, by the insertion of serial decorations placed both on existing and new buildings. The study, still in pro- gress, discusses how the B.I.M. can be used in the analysis of the decorated elements that are se- rially inserted in the buildings, particularly in the perspective of the integration with GIS systems, which can allows the localisation of the elements into the urban landscape, also by using procedu- ral semiautomatic modelling systems of façades. 


Liberty; Art Deco; decorazioni; facciate; BIM


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