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Experiences in Geodesign in Georgia, USA

Rosanna G Rivero, Alison Smith, Hrishikesh Ballal, Carl Steinitz, Brian Orland, Lupita McClenning, Jon Calabria, Ryan Perkl, Hunter Key


Collaborative planning in the coast of Georgia, USA, at the regional scale, by applying a Geodesign framework used for the evaluation and negotiation of alternative plans from multiple stakeholders, using innovative tools for assessing, visualizing and sharing proposals. Each project evaluated issues of conservation, resilience, and regional development in a sensitive coastal area, with great historic and ecological value, in a region that has been exposed to the impacts of two hurricanes in the past three years. The second project integrates two dynamic models for ecological connectivity and for land use allocation using the most recent green infrastructure national datasets. A single negotiated regional plan was the result that will be used for future planning efforts by the coastal regional agency as well as other stakeholders.



Geodesign; coastal planning; resilience

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