From survey to high definition representations of a continuous architectonical space. The case study of the Pomposa Abbey complex

Anna Maria Manferdini, Michele Russo


The aim of this paper is to show the main results about high resolution 3D digital survey and representations of Santa Maria di Pomposa complex.
The project has been developed in order to compare different methodologies, evaluating their effectiveness in the survey and representation of a huge architectural complex. This digitization
campaign was planned for reproducing different multi-scalar representations, analyzing the digital replica of the site from different points of view and for different communication purposes. The paper presents some exemplifications of graphic representations extracted from a complex and multi-scalar 3D digital model. The adopted approach and the methodology has been developed and tested on field about a specific case study, but it can be extended to other examples which will present similar characteristics in critical and potential terms, common in several Cultural Heritage case studies.


integrated 3D model; multi-scalar representations; continuous model; Pomposa

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