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BIM Reverse Modelling Process for the Documentation of Villa Rufolo in Ravello

Salvatore Barba, Andrea Di Filippo, Victoria Andrea Cotella, Carla Ferreyra


The primary purpose of this work is the definition of a protocol for the accuracy check in a BIM process, from digital survey to three-dimensional reconstruction. The development of a BIM model for existing buildings is, in fact, basically a reverse engineering operation and, as far as the reproduction of the geometries is concerned, a coded pipeline for the accuracy control is still missing. The result of the modelling process is a local volumetric entity where the object of interest is decomposed into portions and each element is described through a finite number of parameters. This model then becomes the repository of all the systematised data collected for Villa Rufolo, a landmark of the Amalfi Coast, to define an environment that can offer a valid support to decision-making processes for future restorations.



Scan-to-BIM; Level of Accuracy; statistical tolerance limits; parametric modelling; Cultural Heritage.

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