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“Drawing the territory and the landscape”

“Disegnare il territorio e il paesaggio”

“Dibujando el territorio y el paisaje”


Editors Pilar Chias Navarro and Lia Maria Papa


Territories and landscapes make up a significant part of the cultural heritage, that must be described, analyzed and disseminated.

The main target of this call is to stress the importance of cartography, urban sketching and landscape drawing as essential ways to represent both the built and the natural environment. Accordingly, we will check and explore:


  • The traditional and modern technologies.
  • The use of various scales, projection systems and drawing techniques.
  • The main authors and tendencies, as well as the outstanding drawing schools and competitions.


From a historical point of view, towns, territories and landscapes were depicted for various purposes. Maps and plans illustrated the power and properties of the Crown, but also represented civil engineering works or townscapes. On the other hand, landscape drawings can have largely subjective quotation or enhance the objectiveness. So many drawing possibilities open up a wide horizon of topics to be explored:


  • The evolution of landscape drawings and maps used in a professional context: drawing for urban and territorial planning, and for cultural heritage preservation.
  • Drawing as an essential research tool in territorial and urban studies.
  • Ancient maps, charts and plans.
  • Ancient and modern cartographic and topographic techniques.
  • Artists’ graphic expressions of the environment and painters’ masterworks: from the Dutch landscape painters to the École des Beaux Arts and the English school of landscapists, from Impressionism to contemporary artworks, etc.
  • Drawings and sketches by architects, travelogues, etc.
  • Fantastic lands and utopian towns.
  • Teaching strategies developed to represent territories and townscapes in an objective way, or aiming to express landscapes subjectively.


This way we will provide a wide comprehensive perspective of graphic and cartographic information to be used in future researches. But we will also offer a wide range of drawing possibilities to improve our graphic skills.





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- April 19, April 26, 2018: Abstract acceptance

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