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Project Methodology and Workflow for Emergency Drone Recording and Processing: Case study Colonial Ammunition Company Shot Tower, Aotearoa New Zealand

Regan Potangaroa, Renata Jadresin Milic, Sam Smith


The paper explains the methodology and workflow for the emergency drone recording and processing applied in the Colonial Ammunition Company Shot Tower case study in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. It sheds light on the strategic decisions employed during the drone scan and following data processing under significant limitations. The imperfections in data capture and processing, driven by real-world constraints, present valuable lessons for future endeavours. By capturing the intricacies of this emergency documentation process, the paper aims to contribute valuable insights and replicable workflows to the broader field of heritage preservation. The intersection of technology, urgency, and collaboration showcased in this case study opens avenues for refining methodologies, incorporating advancements, and developing standardised processes for heritage preservation in emergency scenarios.

By initiating a broader discourse on the need for standardised processes, collaboration frameworks, and technological advancements in heritage preservation, this paper contributes to this relevant and necessary topic that has not received much attention in academia so far. This paper contributes not only to a case study but is a call to action for developing comprehensive frameworks that empower heritage preservation in the digital age. Shot Tower's challenges and the final demolition in February 2023 serve as a microcosm of the larger issues confronting heritage sites in Aotearoa New Zealand — issues that demand systematic solutions and a coordinated effort from the various entities entrusted with heritage management.



heritage preservation; technological innovation; emergency heritage documentation process; UAV photogrammetry; Aotearoa New Zealand

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